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 About the Choir 

Cradley Heath Male Voice Choir was formed on 12th February 1912 and was known as The Cradley Heath, Old Hill and District Male Voice Choir.  At the time all members lived locally as most areas had their own Male Voice Choir.  The name was changed in 1957 to its shorter form.


The Choir has survived two World Wars and, in 2012 celebrated it’s Centenary with a concert at Brierley Hill Civic Hall.  There are very few choirs in England who have survived longer.


Whilst historically the choir has been successful in competition work (happily we still have a few of the old shields and certificates to prove it) the emphasis now is on charity concerts in the Black Country Area performed throughout the year. Many local charities and worthy causes benefit financially from the efforts of the Choir whose aim is:


“To foster the love of good music, entertain the public and assist charitable organisations. “


Our repertoire includes hymns, songs from the shows, classics from opera, spirituals, folk songs, modern popular songs and, of course, traditional male voice choir pieces.

Join Us 

Currently the Choir averages 25 members, many of whom have been with us for some considerable time.


We are always happy to welcome potential new members at our rehearsal venue, Dudley Wood Methodist Church, and we are there from 7.45 – 9.30pm every Monday evening. If you would like to join us please come along.

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